Rajko's Cave

Rajko’s Cave

Legendary tales suggest that Rajko’s Cave once housed the treasures of Serbia’s very own Robyn Hood. The brigands booty has never been found, though the cave is among Serbia’s most beautiful nevertheless. White crystal calcite gives the cave a feeling of grandeur across over 2.3 km of tunnels, halls and galleries.

Rajko’s Cave is located in Eastern Serbia just 2.5 km away from Majdanpek, or 190 km from Belgrade. Hidden on the foothills of the Homolje mountains, the cave was discovered by the legendary Jovan Cvijic in 1894, though it remained a secret until 1974 when local speleologists uncovered the cave and it became known to the public. Nearby you may find Serbia’s largest archway and the Djerdap National Park is right next door as well.

Rajko’s Cave is considered a river cave because the Rajkova River flows through here. The river begins by flowing underground for 900 m and then penetrates the surface to connect with the Paskovo River, together creating the Little Pek River. The cave has two levels of channels and halls. The first, higher level is dry, and the lower younger level is damp. The cave’s total length is 2,304 m, with approximately 1,400 m open to the public. Water originally flowed across the surface of Rajko’s Cave though in time it broke through the cave’s limestone base, opening sinks and deeping its water channels in the process.

In any case, the cave’s interior is even more impressive that the legends associated with it. The cave’s halls and galleries are abound with white ornaments, making it one of the most richly decorated in all of Serbia. A tour of Rajko’s Cave would take at least an hour, with construction allowing for visitors to make a loop of the cave. Your tour through Rajko’s Cave begins by crossing a 44 m-long bridge over Rajko’s River and into the Hedgehog Hall, rightfully named so for the thousands of sharp and thin stalactites found inside. A number of natural masterpieces may be found inside the Hedgehogs hall as well, including the Egyptian Goddess, Snail, Mushroom, and more. Continuing along the concrete path a tunnel connects you to the Tub Hall then the Great Hall; 50 m long, 20 m wide and high. You will also enter the Crystal Hall, named for the white crystalline calcite found inside. Its jewelry includes figures such as Crystal City, Tree of Life and Three Graces.

Tips & Essentials:

    • Rajko’s Cave is opened daily from 10am until 2pm
    • Bring hiking boot, a bag with food and water, and warm clothing. The cave has a constant temperature of 8 C
    • Call +381 66 800 65 76 to book a guided tour of Rajko’s Cave.

How to get to Rajko’s Cave:

Travel here via Majdanpek. Multiple daily buses and trains come here from Belgrade. Check bus timetables here and check train schedules here. Or, call the following numbers:

    • Belgrade Bus Station – +381 11 2636299
    • Belgrade Centre Train Station: +381 11 3975533

From Majdanpek there are six daily services that will take you to Rajko’s Cave.

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